Race4life 2014 & Cedar Lake | October 24-25

Here is Team Alexis Rhoads!
We look forward to giving you more details on this year’s Race4life in Wisc.

This year’s race4life will again focus on someone effected by the way too common evil 'C' word. In our 9th year and for the first time ever this Race4life will also hold some personal meaning for myself. I have a childhood friend who is battling cancer in a big way. She is a wonderful, brave, and courageous mother. This persons parents helped my family in the purchase of our original business called Keizer Aluminum Wheels Inc in 1997. Without the Help and support of Alexis Rhoads father and Mother and the trust they had in our family we at K2W Precision Inc (formly keizer inc.) would not be making products for the racing industry. No Keizer Wheels, no Madpan’s, no Racinrack, no Shockstocked or Huisman Header's. No parts of any Kind! So I ask all my racing friends and racing family and to any and all past supporters of the Race4life to take a moment and read Alexis & Ryan Rhoads story of strength and perseverance and join us for another incredible weekend of Race4life racing in Cedar Lake Wisconsin’s amazing indoor faculty as we try and help a family of mine.

From Alexis Roads.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2013, just three months after my. 34th birthday. I am a mother of three boys and a USAF wife.

I had my third baby on November. 7, 2012. We had been living in Australia for almost 3 years due to my husband being active duty Air Force. Initially my doctors suspected mastitis since I was nursing a new baby and had just turned 34. After antibiotics showed no improvement, my doctor sent me in for an ultrasound and then a biopsy. The results suspected a high grade carcinoma - a tumor. We were immediately sent home to the States. Our fantastic support network and military family ensured that everything was taken care of as quickly as possible. We had 48 hours’ notice that we were making an international move with a 7, 3 and 3 month old boys. The next two weeks were a blur of travel, hotels, house hunting, car purchasing with what seemed like hundreds of medical tests thrown in. Ultimately we received confirmation of the news no one wants to hear. CANCER.

Everyone was in disbelief and we were faced with uncertainty, anger and fear. What this would mean for ourselves and three very young boys? We decided that we were going to be fabulous. This cancer should be the one that should be scared. It was unfortunate to pick the wrong family to mess with. With the support of friends and family which has grown to thousands we have been fighting and winning. Painful tests, sickness and weakness from chemo, hair loss, surgeries, radiation and extreme exhaustion have not broken our family's spirit. The Roads are currently trying to be granted a Humanitarian reassignment through the Air Force so they can move back to her home state of Texas to be with immediate family..

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